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Multi-Touch Calibration Device

10 November, 2008 (13:35) | Duke Multi-Touch Wall, Multi-Touch

Multi-Touch Calibration Tool

Multi-Touch Calibration Tool

Aligning the detected touches with the projected screen requires the use of a calibration application built into Touchlib. Creating precise touches is made easier using the calibration tool we developed. Since there can be variations in the illumination behind (or under) the projection screen, it’s easier to turn off the illuminators and use an infra red laser to create the touches.

Calibrating using the utility built into TouchLib.

Calibrating using the utility built into TouchLib.

We used two lasers: one visible (to aim at the desired point), and one infra red (which the IR cameras can see) which is triggered by a push button. The body of the device was designed in SolidWorks and built as a rapid prototype using sterolithography (SLA). The electronics were developed and built in-house.

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