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Experiments with EndLighten and IR LED Edge-View Ribbon

20 March, 2009 (17:40) | Multi-Touch

EndLighten with Edge-View

Jason is behind a 60" x 80" sheet of 3/8" EndLighten acrylic with a strip of IR LED Edge-View Ribbon Flex taped onto the perimeter.

We’ve been experimenting with alternatives to Direct Illumination (DI) because of the challenges we’ve been having with achieving a uniform illumination. We’ve turned our attention to Diffused Surface Illumination (DSI) which uses a diffuse acylic (in this case Cyro Acrylite EndLighten) to distribute the IR evenly across the surface. For the IR, we’re experimenting with LED Edge-View Ribbon Flex from Environmental Lights. We’re using the InfraRed 850nm version and it works great with the 3/8″ thick EndLighten since the strip is only .31″ wide. The 5 meter has an adhesive backing, so we can lay it into our frame pretty easily.

You can see the touches way out in the middle of the sheet (the image came off of one our Prosilica cameras with IR filter). Looks pretty promising…

As for the projection surface, we’ll try out some Rosco grey for the projection surface… We found that if the emulsion is on the camera side, the touches are much more distinct, but that separates the touchs from the image by 3/8″… Unfortunately, placing the film on the user side diminishes the touches quite a bit…

More experimentation…

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